January 9, 2011

{at 3 months...}

I wasn't blogging yet on the 1 month and 2 months updates, so here we go, starting at 3. He turns 4 months in less than 10 days, so I'll post another update pretty soon.

So, at 3 months Lukka...

 ... weighs 17 lbs 14 oz. (taken at the doctor's appointment).

... wears 6-9 month clothing (but getting tighter and tighter pretty fast).

... wears most of his one-size cloth diapers on the medium setting.

... wears a minky blueberry one-size diaper, fully unsnapped with a microfiber insert and two hemp prefolds as inserts for night time (pretty bulky).

... no longer uses prefolds and covers (his pee is pretty acid, so he can't stay wet or else he gets red all over. i'm going to make some stay-dry fleece liners for him.

... is almost outgrowing his all-in-one ragababe diapers size Medium.

... drools constantly, everywhere, on anyone! (but especially on me!).

... is in love with his fingers. either has them in his mouth, or is licking them, or looking at them fascinated.

... is a talker. he is never silent. he's always "aahh"ing or "uhh"ing or saying "éu, éu, éu".

... laughs his toothless smile every time he wakes up and I say "bom dia!" (no matter what time it is).

... laughs pretty hard when we tickle his ribs.

... was sleeping 8 hours every night, but went back to waking up every 4 hours. :o(

... only goes to sleep at 1 or 2 am, no matter what we try or do. He's an owl.

... has to have attention ALL THE TIME! (I blame it on the full house! in a week everyone will be gone, and I'll be in trouble!)

He's getting chubbier, and cuter, and more adorable!

Love you baby Lukka!!!!


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