February 21, 2011

{at 4 months...}

Friday Lukka turned 5 months, so I'm posting his 4 months update. I decided to post his monthly updates after the whole month has passed, this way I can write about all the new little things he did while he was at a specific month.

So, at 4 months Lukka...

{first hike. first Boba}

We took Lukka on his first hike yesterday. He just turned 5 months, and it was a trail with plenty of shade, so we figured it was time to give it a try!

We carried him on our new Boba Classic in Mist (green and gray). My husband carried him half of the way up, then half of the way down, and I carried him the rest of the way.

I didn't think to get a soft structured carrier till a few weeks ago. I had read reviews and even looked at prices, but didn't think it would be something this family would need. How wrong I was!

February 19, 2011

{the nightmare on akule street}

I finally decided to re-write the story behind the almost four weeks without posts. Let's hope it gets published this time!

Mid-November we finally moved to the North Shore. My husband has always bugged me wanted to move back to the "country", but since we got married (almost 5 years ago) it has been more practical to live in the city (our church, my work, our university, etc were all in Honolulu, plus the fact that I loved being in the city and that I never surf on the North Shore and rather surf "town").

February 15, 2011

{night time: a cloth diapering dilemma}

I know it's been almost one month since my last real post, I know, I know.

However, I did write a huge post on what went on with us this last month, but for some reason blogger didn't save any drafts, then gave me an error message when I hit "publish", and I lost all my work... guess it wasn't meant to be. I'll re-write the whole nightmare story some other time.

Today I want to write about cloth diapering through the night, which in this family has been VERY hard to achieve mainly because of our son being a very proficient "pee maker", and also because he is, well, a huge baby; but we did find some solutions.

February 14, 2011