February 21, 2011

{first hike. first Boba}

We took Lukka on his first hike yesterday. He just turned 5 months, and it was a trail with plenty of shade, so we figured it was time to give it a try!

We carried him on our new Boba Classic in Mist (green and gray). My husband carried him half of the way up, then half of the way down, and I carried him the rest of the way.

I didn't think to get a soft structured carrier till a few weeks ago. I had read reviews and even looked at prices, but didn't think it would be something this family would need. How wrong I was!

When I got pregnant my sister-in-law gave me a Jeep baby carrier that is exactly like the baby Bjorn carriers. The baby's legs dangle, and he can face forward or face the person carrying him. She knew we hiked a lot in Hawaii and we'd probably want to take Lukka on hikes.

Well, we never used the Jeep carrier on hikes, but I did use it to go to stores, supermarket, walk to the beach, etc. It was well used. Until three weeks ago.

We were at Target, and Lukka was strapped to daddy. At the check-out I noticed his hand was all red (and more puffy than usual), so I took a closer look. His arm was red and purple with white dots. I freaked out! That thing was cutting his circulation! So I immediately took him out of the carrier.

As I've mentioned hundreds of times before, Lukka is a VERY big baby. He simply doesn't fit in the carrier anymore! I found myself researching carriers, reading reviews, comparing prices. It had to be something that didn't cut under his armpit, and also something which distributed his weight and not let it all hang by his crotch.

The three that attracted me the most were the Original Ergo baby, the Boba Classic, and the Beco Butterfly. All of them can hold up to 45 lbs, and they all fit my requirements on how to hold the baby. They are also all in the same price range ($110-$130). So what made me decide on the Boba? To be honest, it was this freak sale that some retailers had where the Boba was going for $60!!! Due to our recent tragic events, and having to buy most of our furniture again, I jumped at the opportunity to spend less! I bought my online at Cloth & Carry, shipping was very reasonable for Hawaii, and it got here pretty fast.

I am in love with the Boba carrier. It didn't cut Lukka's circulation, it provided excellent support for his weight, it took the weight off my back, he looked pretty comfy being carried both in the front and in the back, it provided good support so he could take a nap while being carried, and it allows me to nurse him while he is in the carrier.

Front carry / Sleeping baby

Back carry / arms out 


Awesome hike!



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