February 21, 2011

{at 4 months...}

Friday Lukka turned 5 months, so I'm posting his 4 months update. I decided to post his monthly updates after the whole month has passed, this way I can write about all the new little things he did while he was at a specific month.

So, at 4 months Lukka...

... weighs 20 lbs 10 oz (taken at doctor's visit).

... wears 9-12 months clothing.

... wears all his one-size diapers fully unsnapped (yikes!).

... has moved on to the large RagaBabe AIOs and the large perfect size fuzzibunz pocket diapers.

... sleeps either in his faithfull Blueberry diapers or "sposies" depending on what pajamas he is wearing (sigh). See my night time post for more explanation...

... still eats his fingers. Started on some thumb sucking, hope it doesn't become an addiction.

... wants to sit all the time, but still hasn't learned to do it on his own. So we have to hold him. He loudly complains if he "falls" back and we leave him there.

... still waking every 4-5 hours at night (poor me), but goes down at midnight or 11 pm now.

... produced new "ba-ba-ba" and "ma-ma-ma" sounds.

... started to grab things purposefully.

... doesn't like tummy time much. Will stay on his belly for 5 - 10 minutes max, depending on his mood, but is propping his weight on his elbows, and looks up to see his bird mobile.

... has started jumping away on his Jumperoo, and L-O-V-E-S it!

... is always hiding himself under his blankets, it's hilarious.

... took it pretty hard when my family left. I had a cranky, needy baby for almost 3 full weeks.

... may be teething (drooling all the time, cranky, not sleeping well, biting everything he can put his "gums" on).

... is still being exclusively breastfed.

Love you baby!



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